Ardea 106 (1)

Editorial: Ornithology from the flatlands. The logic to questions about birds (and other topics) Piersma T.
Selecting piscivorous bird species for monitoring environmental change in the Banc d’Arguin, Mauritania Veen J., Dallmeijer H. & Veen T.  
A first compilation of harrier roost counts from India suggests population declines of wintering birds over 30 years Ganesh T. & Prashanth M.B.  
Timing of avian breeding in an urbanised world de Jong M., van den Eertwegh L., Beskers R.E., de Vries P.P., Spoelstra K. & Visser M.E.  
The immediate impact of ringing, blood sampling and PIT-tag implanting on the behaviour of Blue Tits Cyanistes caeruleus Schlicht E. & Kempenaers B.  
Supplementary Material Schlicht E. & Kempenaers B.
Timing of breeding events of the Lesser Spotted Eagle Clanga pomarina as revealed by remote cameras and GPS-tracking Väli Ü.  
Autumn passage of soaring birds over Dobrogea (Romania): a migration corridor in Southeast Europe Fülöp A., Daróczi S.J., Dehelean A.S., Dehelean L.A., Domahidi Z., Dósa A., Gyékény G., Hegyeli Z., Kis R.B., Komáromi I.S., Kovács I., Miholcsa T., Nagy A.A., Nagy A., Ölvedi S.Z., Papp T., Pârâu L.G., Sándor A.K., Sos T. & Zeitz R.  
The identity of Sylvia ruficollis Vieillot, 1817 and Azara’s No. 240 “Cola aguda cola de canela obscura” (Aves: Furnariidae). Smith P.  
First evidence of mutually exclusive home ranges in the two main colonies of Lesser Kestrels in Italy Ferrarini A., Giglio G., Pellegrino S.C., Frassanito A. & Gustin M.  
Supplementary Material Ferrarini A., Giglio G., Pellegrino S.C., Frassanito A. & Gustin M.
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