LIMOSA publishes papers, short notes and progress reports on field ornithology concerning birds in The Netherlands and is issued four times a year.


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VAN RIJN S. Nesting of Red Kites Milvus milvus in the Netherlands in 1976-2017
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CASTELIJNS H & DE MAAT B Numbers and diet of Rock Pipits in the Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe, the Netherlands
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SPAANS B, LEOPOLD M & PLOMP M Using a drone to determine the number of breeding pairs and breeding success of Sandwich Terns Sterna sandvicensis
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VAN DOOREN J & JANSEN JJFJ Bernardus van Dooren (1908-1988), an egg collector in the Brabantse Kempen
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TULP I & KLEEFSTRA R Andermans Veren
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