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VOOUS KH (1950) The post-glacial distribution of Corvus monedula in Europe. LIMOSA 23 (3): 281-292.

The post-gacial distribution of Corvus monee/ula based upon the taxonomy and the ranges of geographic races is shown in figure I. It should be compared with the distributional history of Dendrocopos major and P. pyrr-hula (Voous, 1947 and 1949). The present European populations appear to exist of Asiatic, S. E. European and S. W. European components, which were isolated from each other during the last Glacial Period. Additonal populations from the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa probably became isolated before the last Glaciation. Practically the whole of central Europe is occupied by populations which must have been derived from the S. W. European glacial refuge.

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