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Members of the Netherlands Ornithologist Union receive a printed copy of ARDEA as part of their membership and have full digital access.

Subscribers and members can change their contact data via internet by logging into this page.

Subscription rates ARDEA
We offer subscription as part of the NOU membership only. For institutes, we offer a subscription in three different forms: printed edition, digital edition and printed and digital edition combined.
Subscription rate 2023



only print

only digital

both print and digital

Personal NOU membershipNetherlands€ 55,-€ 45,-€ 55,-
Personal NOU membershipEurope€ 68,-€ 45,-€ 68,-
Personal NOU membershipWorld€ 81,-€ 45,-€ 81,-
InstitutionNetherlands€ 88,-€ 148,-€ 190,-
InstitutionEurope€ 111,-€ 148,-€ 190,-
InstitutionWorld€ 123,-€ 148,-€ 190,-

Payment for subscription to ING bank account IBAN NL16INGB0000125347 to the
Netherlands Ornithologist Union, Almere, The Netherlands
BIC number bank INGBNL2A
Correspondence concerning subscription, change of address, and orders for back volumes to:
Treasurer NOU, Theo Boudewijn, Akelei 42, 4102 JM Culemborg, The Netherlands

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Exchange of publications
All periodicals sent in exchange for ARDEA should be addressed to: Periodical Library of the Netherlands Ornithologists' Union (NOU), c/o Jeroen van Zuylen, SOVON hoofdkantoor, Natuurplaza, Toernooiveld 1, 6525 ED Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Books for review
Check at for the address to send books to. After review, the books will be deposited in the NOU Book Library.

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